Client Testimonials

What some of my clients have said about working with me:

Hi Kristie, I’m so much better thanks.  Much calmer and feeling more in control again, and happier! Thank you so much, between the session and your blog you really are a miracle worker.                                                                                                                                    ~ Celine

It was really easy to work with you, you have an amazing way about you. I definitely feel you have been given a unique gift, the ability to quickly heal people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. You manage to put people at ease right away. It was a very positive experience, you allowed me to see so many things about my mother’s death which I hadn’t and couldn’t see before.                                                                                       In a brief conversation with you, I realised that I was still holding onto a lot of pain and grief around my mother’s death and especially guilt in not being there for her at the end. In one short session you were able to magically help me get closure and peace of mind.  Subsequently I recommended that one of my mentees speak to you as she was really struggling to come to terms with the loss of one of her parents. She was blown away with your work and it helped her put things in perspective and move on with her life.        ~Gail

 My mother was my whole world, she courageously fought cancer for three years. At the end she rested in peace. Before I saw Kristie my whole focus was on how she suffered, how I could not forgive people who could have helped her throughout her life. I also felt guilty that I did not do more to ease her pain and after her death I felt guilty about letting go of the grief thinking that it would dishonour her if I do. After seeing Kristie I realised that my mother died in the way that made her have everything she valued around her such as my love and the love and presence of my family around her. Now I feel more connected with my mother and much closer to her as she is always in my heart.                                                                                                                                          Thank you Kristie,                                                                                                                               ~Dr S Alfadi

I worked with various coaches after my dad’s passing, but it was especially the work with Kristie that helped me feel differently about his death and the years leading up to it. In some ways I was able to prepare myself for it, as much as a child can prepare for her father’s death during a long-term illness, and as much as I loved him and understood that it was time, I felt guilt for perhaps not having been there enough for him and my family during his illness. Seeing how I was able to support my father and my family during this time in my own way was very important to me and I’m grateful to Kristie for helping me see that I had always been there for him, my mother and sister and that the timing of his death was important for us to be able to pursue a different path for ourselves and start a new stage of our lives. To say I’m grateful for him seems cliché but it’s definitely a big part of our experience and it became stronger for me after working with Kristie.                                                                                                                                            ~Hildi

 Kristie helped me through a particularly difficult period after I lost my father. Her ability to help me come to terms with, and accept his passing, has made it possible for me to feel like myself again. She has the gift of being able to help you work through your emotions in a pragmatic, sensible way that makes it easier to regain balance and perspective in your life.                                                                                                                                                 ~Leah

 My 19-year-old brother was murdered in 2002 after witnessing a fight.  I was traumatised by his death and was in a place of overwhelming pain, anger and despair.  I felt that my heart had been ripped out and that I could not breathe, let alone deal with my immense grief over my loss.  For over 7 years I had tried all that I could to help me come to terms with this and find some closure, trying to live my life once again, but my pain and deep sadness were not letting me live.  I spent so much money and time on help and treatments but was still so unhappy and unable to move on even though my heart told me that my brother would not what me to let what happened kill me as well.             I arranged to work with Kristie but after everything I had tried a large part of me was doubting that she would really be able to help me.  I so was amazed after working with her that my heart could feel lit up once again and that I was able to connect with my brother and be able to remember things about him that I felt that I had lost.  I felt my pain move and for the first time in years I felt peace in my heart.  I was so amazed by her work and the short time that it took to help me. For the first time since my brother died I am able to live my life, not just exist.  My friends have told me how lovely it is to see that I am out from my deep depression and ask what changed. I tell them that I found someone who works with grief and that she helped me to free myself in a way that I believed so deep down that I would never again feel.                                                    If you have ever had someone close to you die and you are looking for help, forget about years of counselling or therapy and give Kristie a call.  She has the most incredible way of helping people when it comes to someone that you love dying. Don’t go through the rest of your life in pain and sadness when you can find love and peace again.                        ~Nicky 


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