My 30 day challenge…..join me on it!

My 30 day challenge……join me on it!

This is my first ever video blog, done in a rush as I promised someone that it would be up about 5 minutes ago……
I have started a 30 day challenge that already is proving to be one of the most amazing things I have ever done….and I’d love you to join me on it!
Watch my vid to find out what I am on about….

….and if you’d like to watch the TED talk on 30 day challenges…here it is….


About Kristie West

I'm a Grief Specialist and I help adults who have lost a parent. I am known for positively changing people's experience of the loss of a parent in less than 4 hours.
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23 Responses to My 30 day challenge…..join me on it!

  1. Marianne says:

    What an inspiring idea for a challenge Krisite.
    I’m joining you on it. First I’ll make a list of people who have touched my life and write to them then. A few weeks back I was having a chat with a friend from my teenage years and I said to her what an important person she had been for me at that time.
    Seeing the change in her expression was amazing. She said she had no idea and hadn’t been told something this touching in ages. So what may be obvious to us is probably not obvious to our friends and family and worth expressing.
    Thanks for setting the challenge.
    Much love
    Marianne xxx

    • Kristie West says:

      Hi Marianne,
      yay you’re the first person to join me on this! I cant tell you how amazing two days of doing this have been and how different I feel. All I can say is don’t go writing them in cafes…or do – I’ve been moved to tears with each one I’ve written.
      I thought about a list but I’m just going intuitively with whoever pops into my head next and writing to them.
      Look forward to hearing how you go.


  2. Steve says:

    Hey Kristie

    I remember us talking about this when we met, as you predicted I do love it, interestingly after our conversation I have started talking about this a lot more as a concept so I wish you all the luck in the world. A very interesting 30 day challenge indeed x


    • Kristie West says:

      Thought you’d like it. 🙂 I remember talking about ‘what you’d do differently if….’ but this is the first time I’ve done something with it.
      Thanks for the comment Steve.


  3. Talisa says:

    Well done babe! Love the video blog and the push to do something that can touch those who a nearest and dearest to us. Definitely joining you!!

  4. I watched the ted video a few days ago when you first posted it and have been thinking of what I could do for my 30 day challenge – that wasn’t just fun, or superficial, or something I was going to do anyway (like brush my teeth!). He talks about doing something really meaningful and i love your challenge idea – I’m going to be joining you!!

    • Kristie West says:

      yay! Though if you aren’t already brushing your teeth can I suggest you do that as a 30 day challenge as well. 🙂

  5. Mike Stephens says:

    It’s interesting to have things like this concept pointed out. Subconsciously, the detail in your 30 day challenge has already been going on more than ever in my life for about the last 6 months, more like 7 actually. The sad part is, after you talked about it, I realized that more people have taken the first initiative and talked to and written to me about this than I have made the first contact with. Starting today that is going to change! Thanks for sharing this great 30 day idea.

    • Kristie West says:

      A death close to you will do that for your Mike…but for most people that awareness is very brief and then they are back into thinking they and everyone they love will live forever (happened like that for me).
      Nothing sad about your loved ones taking that step before you. It’s lovely to hear that stuff from others!
      Glad you’re joining me on this. Just sent one of my ‘love letters’ for today off to another dear friend.


  6. what a lovely idea – read a book called ‘Just one more day’ a few years ago which made me realise how important it is to say those things right now. Good luck with your challenge!

    • Kristie West says:

      Ooo I’ll look that book up, thanks! I was really inspired earlier in the year by the book “A Year to Live’ by Stephen and Ondrea Levine

  7. Tom McGibbon says:

    Loved both of these video’s – Thank you Kristie! I’ll admit that your variation seems harder but also hugely rewarding. Gulp! I may start with 1000 words a day on my book though…

    • Kristie West says:

      Don’t tell anyone I said this Tom but I’m finding writing a 5-10 minute ‘love letter’ to someone important in my life waaaay easier than writing 1000 words of my book. 😉
      Actually once I’ve written my love letter I feel so grateful and inspired that whatever I do next comes much easier….maybe that’s the way to tackle my book… letter then write. Think I’ll try that. Good idea Tom, thanks. 😉

  8. Mike Stephens says:

    Here’s my first follow up regarding the 30 day challenge. In addition to telling loved ones how I feel about them, I decided to make my 30 day challenge also include initiating contact with some people I haven’t spoken to in about 4 months. It’s probably important to mention here that my ex-wife and I finalized our divorce about 4 months ago, and I moved back to a different city.

    My first two challenges were two separate phone calls to two mutual friends my ex and I had, in the city where I lived before our divorce. I got the voice mail of both people and left a message saying “Hi, this is Mike, I wanted to call and say hello and tell you how much I appreciate you always treating me like I was someone special from the first time we met until the last time we spoke. I really appreciated you being my friend while I lived in East Tennessee.”

    In both cases, within the following hour I received a return call, and both conversations were completely positive and both people were glad I called. Both calls ended with the person stating that they wanted to remain in contact in the future. It felt so good not only to make those calls and say what I said, but to get the best possible results from those calls made it feel even better. Needless to say I am really liking the 30 day challenge so far. Thanks Kristie!

    • Kristie West says:

      Hi Mike,
      thanks so much for sharing your experience! It’s so inspiring and goes to show the difference just opening up and sharing a little bit makes in your life and the lives of others. Please keep us updated on how the rest of the challenge is unfolding for you.

  9. THANK YOU for posting this amazing challenge, and I am glad my website was the inspiration for it! I will encourage all my readers to visit your site and join the challenge. Thanks for your great work, Kristie!

    • Kristie West says:

      Hi Braiden,
      thanks for the comment and for the encouragement! And thanks for sharing with others. Your site was quite the catalyst for me. xxx

  10. Laurie Halladay says:

    I was very moved by your video and challenge. I have contributed to Five More Minutes With on several occasions. I agree with you and in my own way have been trying to live your 30 day challenge, but not that successfully. I am a writer, and it often is easier to write to people than to say your thoughts to their face. I use messages I write in birthday cards to try to tell my friends how important they are to me. I applaud you and your challenge.

    • Kristie West says:

      Hiya Laurie, thanks for your comment. For a number of reasons all of my ‘love letters’ have been written so far…but some people who have contacted me about this have been calling…and one is even sending a greeting card a day (might suit you!)
      Better to find me on this site now While they look identical at the mo, the other one will be changing soon and will be used totally instead of this.

  11. I also find it much easier to write too – 3 messages sent so far. One friend I sent some love to thinks of himself as very unfeeling so it was heartwarming to read his response – he asked if I was sure I meant to write to him but then said thank you and that he was surprised to see even a ‘robot’ like him was glad to feel so loved. Thanks again for the inspiration!

    • Kristie West says:

      You’re welcome! The responses have been so amazing and interesting. I hadn’t even thought about responses when I started this so they have been a total bonus. I’ve found even the people you think might not reply or might be embarrassed, respond really differently when you just open up to them with no agenda. Thanks for sharing!
      This blog is shifting over to They look identical at the moment but bear with me. You’ve got a lot more company over there than here!

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