Welcome to my new blog!

…the one I’ve been meaning to start for absolutely ages.

For a bit more info about who I am and what I’m doing check out my About Kristie page…but as for why I’m writing this blog….

I wanted a place to share my thoughts and ideas and insights about grief, and particularly about losing a parent. These have come from plenty of grief, deaths in the family and, as you might imagine, the loss of a parent.

But mostly I wanted to write this blog because when I google grief, bereavement, or death of a parent and when I read other blogs and websites I find a lot of the same info.  A lot of the ‘sorry, life will suck for quite a while, now here’s a whopping box of tissues, you’ll feel better over time’ approach.  I spent plenty of time doing this a few years ago – feeling sad, lost, empty, confused and disconnected from one of the most important people in my life – but I didn’t believe it was the only path then and now I know it’s not. It’s not what I believe, it’s not how I think, and it doesn’t reflect the work I do with my clients. It wasn’t what my dad wanted for me.  And it wasn’t what I wanted for myself.  I searched and searched for something else – a different way of looking at things, a different understanding – until I found it.  And that changed everything for me.

I wanted to write this blog so when people look for help and answers they have a choice about how to deal with it and what their life looks like afterwards.  Because there is a choice.

Watch this space as I’ll be writing again pretty soon.  The first thing I’ll be writing about, seeing as the silly season is upon us, is dealing with the first Christmas after losing a parent.  I know that can be a toughie…but it can be totally different from what you are imagining.

See you soon,




About Kristie West

I'm a Grief Specialist and I help adults who have lost a parent. I am known for positively changing people's experience of the loss of a parent in less than 4 hours.
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2 Responses to Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Jo Macdonald says:

    Hi Kristie

    This new blog is so very apt for me, especially as this will be our first Christmas without dad. He died in March, so we are not really sure how we will all be this year. I really look forward to reading more! Love Jo x

    • Kristie West says:

      Hi Jo!

      Hope the blog is helping you. I’ve been thinking about you as I write it. You know how to find me if you have any other questions.
      Sending you lots of love

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